The Lakehouse

Enjoy the privacy of our estate and stay at our newly remodeled ranch home featuring a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath modern farmhouse design with stunning sunsets from the open decks overlooking the lake. Our private bridal salon and patio have been designed to provide the bridal party a special space to pamper themselves and prepare for the event. Amenities include a relaxing sitting area, a full bathroom, 3 mirrored make-up counters, a dress rack, and a large full-length mirror. Book Here.

The Cottage

Gorgeous English cottage with 2+ bedrooms/1 bath full of upscale luxury living features! Everything you need to fully enjoy your stay nestled within walking distance from downtown in the historic town of Placerville. This ultra-charming and chic cottage is also available if additional accommodations are needed.  Book Here.

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