Saureel Vineyard’s world-class equine facilities are available for awards banquets, clinics, fundraisers, seminars, social gatherings, tradeshows, or any special equine event.

The facilities available include the following:

Indoor Area

A large (100' x 200') indoor area that includes six (6) covered pens, with gated access, attached to the arena.  This facility also includes airplane hangar doors that can be opened or fully closed, as well as overhead lighting and wagon wheel situated party lights to brighten up evening events.

Outdoor Area

A large (150’ x 300’) outdoor arena that also boasts outdoor pens for cattle with a stockyard layout. This facility also includes one long pen running the length of the arena that can accommodate three (3) pasture mates’ maximum, three (3) pens on the near end and two (2) pens on the far end.

Main Barn

This facility includes a kitchen and office with a bathroom, six (6) stalls on the kitchen row, seven (7) stalls on the quarantine row. Stalls sizes are 12’ x 12’ with solid wall partitions.

Mare Motel

This facility includes up to ten (10) stalls as well as a livestock stock. Stalls sizes are 12’ x 21’ with pipe wall partitions.

70’ Round Pen

Available for greater interaction between horse and handler including many forms of training, including ground work such as longeing and liberty work, or for turnout and free exercise.

Horse Playground

The Deb Cooper Memorial Playground includes the following:
Bridge, car wash, elephant stand, log obstacle, teeter-totter, step-up obstacle, water crossing, and wagon wheel.

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